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Python is free open-source programming language of a high level. It was designed to improve code readability and enable to code your idea into fewer lines than in standard languages as C++. There are many libraries that can easily adapt Python to your needs. If you want to makes some steps in science, you should probably start with NumPy, SciPy and MatPlotLib.

R is a powerfull programming language and graphing tool for all the kinds of statistical computing. The whole range of libraries enable to employ almost all available statistical techniques (time-series and panel data analysis, statistical tests, linear and non-linear modelling, spatial models of all kinds). In my work I mainly make use of spdep and spatstat which allow to built and test spatial models. RNetLogo extension and R extension for NetLogo provide two-sided powerful link for R and NetLogo connection that can be very seductive for modeller.

NetLogo is an integrated environment for developing multi-agent models. It allows to model complex scientific problem from an individual perspective of each agent (so called turtle), thus macro patterns observed in the economy results from individual behaviour of each agent.

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