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Marcin Wozniak Marcin Wozniak

My name is Marcin Wozniak. I am at the end of my Ph.D. studies at the Department of Labour and Social Policy of Poznan University of Economics in Poland.

I also work in the field of social and economic research at Labor Market Observatory of Poznan Agglomeration. I am responsible for developing and conducting research and analysis on the local labor market

In my work, I try to explore the field of labor economics with means of computer simulation
and other quantitative methods.

I focus on unemployment analysis and policy evaluation, however, at presents I also work on forecasting local labor markets under strong spatial heterogeneity. In the research, I make use of agent-based as well as equilibrium and econometric models.

I am enthusiastic about free statistical software (mainly Python, NetLogo and R) thus, I included some codes and examples of applications.

In Publications bookmark, some key papers were enumarated.

In Labor Economics bookmark, I started to explain some basic theoretical
issues concerning labor market.

In Codes bookmark, some R, Python and NetLogo codes can be downloaded.

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